Management Board

Hicham Mansour, PhD. 

Chairman of MEGA Investments Securities and Chairman of MEGA Holding.

Dr. Mansour is responsible for managing the company, formulating & executing long term strategies, as well as for all interactions with clients, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

Dr. Mansour is MEGA Investments' primary decision maker, setting the tone for the company's values, ethics and culture  
Arafat M. Sakr,

Board member of MEGA Holding, also Chairman of ICON, AcrowMisr & Founder of Nile Investment Securities (currently Naeem Brokerage). Mr. Sakr's financial vision has led to raising the capital of all the companies that came under his management. In addition to increasing those companies' turnover by millions. Mr. Sakr plays an axial role in the policy making of MEGA Investments.

Youssef El Shorafy,

Board member of MEGA Holding also CEO of OMEGA Capital, Mr.El Shorafy has extensive experience as a young financial professional who traveled and worked in different countries in the Middle East, Mr. El Shorafy has developed a thorough understanding of the Middle East financial markets and mastered the day-to-day tactics of stock markets. In addition to a series of investment professional programs that he attended at the London Business School.

Mohamed Samaha,

Chairman & Managing Director of MPC (Medco Plast Company). He has an extensive experience in the trading business and has contributed significantly to MPC's efficient procurement of raw materials. Mr. Samaha has been the driving force in the MPC's success, expanding its capacity and penetrating the export markets. 

Magued Mansour,

Board Member Mega Investments

Managing Director of MEGA Holding. Mr. Mansour has more than twenty years experience in corporate finance, asset management, and investment banking activities, as well as extensive banking experience particularly in credit and treasury divisions.