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Capital Markets in the MENA region are no longer emerging. As most of those markets experience the critical rather early maturity phase, enters MEGA Investments with a comprehensive and solid perspective to the inevitable changes in the investment industry in Egypt and the Arab countries. Predominantly, the reliance upon Capital Markets as wealth multipliers and income resources by institutions and individuals has turned to a norm that reflects the essentiality of capital markets to the Arab economies.

International & Market Indecies

   International Stock Arab Stock   
CAC405,580.38 17.2900
DAX12,222.39 69.3200
DJ26,559.54 110.0000
FTSE7,459.88 -11.4400
NIKKEI22,200.56 110.4400
SPX2,905.03 4.5800
Abu Dhabi4,521.63 -10
Saudi Arabia6,899.000
Kuwait6,827.32 13.79
Dubai3,469.82 -35.88

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